Mobius provides collaborative, high quality services across Lincoln County, Maine.


Mobius provides collaborative, high quality services across Lincoln County. Our professional staff take pride in their work and take great care to assure the quality of the service provided. Mobius offers a wide-range of services that are driven by a philosophy of Social Role Valorization. Our programs guided by the philosophy that if a person holds valued social roles, that person is highly likely to receive from society those good things in life that are available to that society, and that can be conveyed by it, or at least the opportunities for obtaining these.

Comm-Supports-Cooking-ClassService recipients receive support to participate in their community to the fullest extent possible through traditional and “non-traditional” community-based services. Our community support services comes in two forms; a more traditional model provided Monday – Friday from 9 am to 3 pm and our non-traditional young adults program, often referred to as the L.E.A.D. Program.

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FBMelissaNothing is more central to the Mobius philosophy of valued roles than supporting employment for all, regardless of ability. This program provides employment services to persons with disabilities through two components: Job Development and Work Supports. These two services work to assure long-term success for both the employer and the supported employees. Referrals to the program may come from any source,

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jr11 05 001At Mobius there is no one size fits all. Service recipients, their families and natural supports will find that Mobius has a unique approach to “building home”. Using a strengths-based approach and value-based planning tools residential support can take a variety of forms. Service recipients may receive intermittent, hourly support while they live in their own apartment or choose to reside in a residence with more intense forms of support, such as 24/7 support in a group or roommate living situation.

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Mobius community case management services are provided to help individuals and their families experience growth while fostering independences and integration. Our services included Comprehensive Assessments, development or assisting with the development of Person Centered Plans (PCP), referrals and coordination of health and wellness appointments, Rep payee services. Serving: Kennebec County, Lincoln, Sagadahoc, Cumberland and parts of Waldo County.

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100 0429This program provides support to adults with developmental disabilities by host home providers who work under contract with Mobius, Inc. After a thorough screening, interested host home candidates are matched with individuals who have expressed a desire to live within a family setting. Host home providers work under the oversight of a Shared Living Program Manager,

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summer youth 06 009Behavioral Health Services is a new service that includes outpatient, individual or group therapy, and home and community-based treatment with a special focus on individuals with the dual diagnoses of intellectual disability and mental illness. Assessment, service planning and goal setting are based on the strengths and needs of the individual. Psycho-education, crisis resolution, and crisis management are also available.

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consultStatewide Non-Traditional Communication Consultation is an approach that uses what the person has (signs, gestures, speech, picture-based communication) to allow us to be better communication partners so that communication success can happen. Since the program’s inception in 2001, over 1,000 adults and children have been assessed and/or provided consultation.

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partnersUnited Way of Midcoast Maine
The United Way of Midcoast Maine has been a long time, critical supporter of the Mobius Summer Youth Employment Program. This program aims to provide youth ages 14 – 21, with varying disabilities, with their first “summer job” experience. A person’s first experience with paid employment is empowering and through on-the-job skill-building sets them up for future, long-term employment.

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