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Signs, gestures, speech, picture-based communication

Statewide Non-Traditional Communication (NTC) Consultation

Statewide Non-Traditional Communication Consultation is an approach that uses what the person has (signs, gestures, speech, picture-based communication) to allow us to be better communication partners so that communication success can happen. Since the program’s inception in 2001, over 1,000 adults and children have been assessed and/or provided consultation.

Non-Traditional Communication Services are provided through funding from the Maine Department of Health and Human Services to improve communication abilities of persons with Developmental Disabilities, families, and support staff throughout the State. Communication assessment and consultation are provided in a range of modalities, including Visual Gestural and Sign Language Communication, and speech and language development. The purpose of the program is to assess the current communication skills of individuals and to provide training to enrich the communication abilities of individuals and the environments in which they live. In addition, program staff have provided consultation and training to representative from other states, as those systems attempt to improve communication services to their constituent with Intellectual Disabilities.

To learn more or seek NTC consultation contact:
Paula E. Matlins, Director Deaf/HH Services
Mobius Inc.
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Statewide Non-Traditional Communication (NTC) Consultation

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